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About Us

Zipidyzap Inc. was created originally because we wanted to have something for our older two daughters to have while in the real world.

From there we created Zipidyzap Inc. which has the highest priority in protecting you, your family, and your home. The huge selection of products we have available will help in keeping everyone you care about safe. There is a constant barrage of news everyday reporting the dangers that lurk around every corner, innocent people being beat up, robbed or horridly raped or murdered. The days of leaving your home unlocked or not constantly worrying about your children while there playing, will never exist again. It’s a shame having to defend and constantly worry about what you love most in this world is now a daily part of our lives, and if it is not, it certainly should be. Because of these constant dangers, Zipidyzap Inc. vision is to bring understanding to our customer, that they do have the means available to protect themselves.

Our Mission at Zipidyzap Inc, is to provide information, knowledge, and improved awareness and have the highest quality products available to help our customers protect themselves, their family, and their homes while regaining some of that feeling, of being Free.
We welcome any feedback or thoughts you may have on our site. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.